Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Cameron Andrew 9 lbs. 21 1/2 inches 2:01 am

Today is my baby boy's birthday. I can't believe he's 14 years old already!

I miss that tiny little boy who would run around in just his diaper, constantly eating and on the go doing boy things. I miss how he would come up behind me when I'd be sitting on the floor and he'd wrap his little arms around me, lay his head on my back and say, "Love you, Mama."

I miss the busy underwear and boots clad boy whose crazy antics would have us in hysterics. He was always shoving light sabers and 'guns' in his underwear pretending to either be a police man, army guy or Luke Skywalker. He was continually running...never walked...and so curious about how things worked and why things existed.

I miss our nightly routine of laying in his little toddler bed together. First we'd go through the list of all the people who loved him, then we'd go through a list of things he was thankful for that day. This was followed by a recap of the day and all the things that happened that made him laugh or cry. Next came his prayers and then I'd sing to him. There were three songs he loved: Jesus Loves Cameron (Jesus Loves Me revised), You're My Little Cameron (You're My Little Potato revised) and You Are My Sunshine.

I still call him my Sunshine to this day but when I try to sing it to him the response isn't the same. There is no crawling into my lap and snuggling up to me. Though he still, at 14, always always always comes to me and hugs me before he leaves to go somewhere or before he goes to bed. He still tells me he loves me. He'll even text me from his bed every night. The latest one - "Good night mom. love you and thank you. i had fun with you today." Makes my heart melt.

I've had bronchitis for the past 3 weeks and he was continually asking me if I needed anything, doing things for me and reminding me to lay down and rest. His heart is so big and giving. I pray it stays that way. His curiosity is still active and I'm daily bombarded with "why" and 'what if" questions. Thank God for the internet because his mind is insatiable! He no longer pretends to be Luke Skywalker or a police man. But he does dream of following in his uncle's footsteps and being in the army. Though he wants to be a Drill Sargent, not a Cav Scout. He is still shy but slowly coming out of that shell. He's respectful and sensitive...and still a joker with the ability to make us laugh.

I am so proud of the young man he is becoming and everything he already is. And I thank God for giving me such a wonderful gift.

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