Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yes, It's about You.

Hmmmm....I'm not really sure why my entry titled, "Dear Miss K" is so popular. It's my second MOST viewed blog post for all time and THE most read one this month. 

I'm so confused. 

So let me just clear the air and unveil the person who inspired that entry. 

                                     Yes, it is you, Kelly.  

We have known each other almost our entire lives and yet I've never been able to trust you. You lied about everything when we were kids and even when I'd catch you - you'd "find" your way out. 

As an adult I had to cut off our friendship - a term I use loosely- not once, but TWICE. You continued to lie to me, try to control me, stalk me and bad mouth me. You lied to me about your husband being killed in an ice storm....WHO DOES THAT?! You went behind my back and told my friends and customers every detail of my divorce. They were actually TRUE friends and told me about it because they were disgusted by you.

Then when I decide to let you back in my life -simply because I was an idiot- you tell everyone about the hell I was going through from my dad being arrested and the horrors I was having to deal with in therapy because of what he did to me. That wasn't your fucking story to tell - FIRST OF ALL. 

SECONDLY - You were a shitty friend to make jokes to my face about me being sexually abused. 

Then - you began (actually, always have) to tell lies about each of us to each other, spill our secrets, and bad mouth us to each other. You are full of drama and nothing else. 

Now you keep in touch with my mom and supposedly gather your information about my life that way. How's that working for you? I don't suppose she's told you that she's not part of my life and knows nothing about what is happening in it? Quit trying to contact me - quit texting me! I don't want anything to do with you  or any of the trouble, drama and nastiness you bring. 

I have moved on and worked my ass off becoming whole and healed from my past. I choose to live positively and refuse to let anything that doesn't serve a good and higher purpose into my life. You are included in the banned list. 

Please make a note of that. Thanks. 

Oh - and one other thing. A few years ago, there was someone else that would continually whine to her husband believing that she was the object of my FB posts and some blogs. When I'd tell him that she wasn't and explain who they were about - she wouldn't believe me. Well, get over yourself. I was telling the truth about who and what I was writing about. It was never about you  and the initial K was never yours. So now the mysteries are solved.

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