Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bits N' Pieces of My Mind

1. My name is... Mama Girl

2. I should learn to...Speak Spanish, not procrastinate, not be such a hermit

3. I love... rainy days, Mondays, learning, organizing and cleaning

4. People would say that I am...Real. I hate fake people.

5. I don't understand...a lot of things. Like why there are those couple of people that are so obsessed with me that even though they want me out of their lives, they continue to talk, think, and blog about me and go to great lengths to get into my accounts, read my blogs, etc. and then act as though they aren't when I have proof.

6. When I wake up in the morning...I'm thankful for another day, already making a list in my mind of what I need to do, excited to cook breakfast and eat with my son before he goes to school

7. I job this fall. It was THE biggest blessing of the year. God has a way of taking out the toxic people and situations and replacing them with what you really deserve and need. I am blessed every day that I wake up now.

8. Life adventure. You can make plans but you never know where your journey will take you or what detours lie ahead.

9. My past taught me...not to trust people, to hide my heart, and always watch my back. The present? So very different.

10. I get annoyed when...people hide behind their religion.People who flaunt their "good works" and devotion to God and yet away from the church family, wear a different face and life that is dishonest and corrupt.

11. Parties...are OK once in a blue moon. I'd rather just hang out.

12. I wish...I could see my nieces and nephew.

13. Dogs and cats...are awesome and worth the extra work.

14. My childhood pet...was a black lab named Lady.

15. Tomorrow is...not promised but if it happens to get here, it's a fresh start.

16. I have a low tolerance for...change that to NO tolerance... for lies.

17. If I had a million dollars...I would build a new house and furnish it, give to my parents and brother, put money in the bank, travel and give to charities.

18. I'm terrified children being kidnapped, hurt or abused by someone.

19. I've come to doesn't matter what other people think of me. God knows who I am inside and out and He's the only One that matters.

20. I am listening to...George Lopez on TV

21. I talk...when it's necessary.

22. My best friends...are few and far between. I don't trust people so if you're on this list, consider yourself special!

23. My first something we both still talk about 34 years later! Too funny.

24. Love...found me almost a decade ago. That deep, vulnerable, passionate forever love I always wanted. I will never let it go.

25. Marriage is...on the horizon.

26. Somewhere, someone is thinking...about how to break their silence.

27. I'll always be...His girl. His Love. His world.

28. The last time I really cried...on Tuesday. I had my first abscess tooth and after the Novocaine wore off, I couldn't take the pain.

29. My cell phone life line.

30. Before I go to bed...I pray, go over my to-do list for the next day, give thanks and play my DS

31. My middle name...Ann

32. Right now, I am thinking...I should probably get on those honeymoon plans and all the other details.

33. Today I...worked on my structure and function paper for Anatomy and Physiology class all day, talked with Flor, had movie and pizza night with the family

34. Tomorrow I will be...working on that same paper, talking to Flor again, hopefully cleaning my bedroom.

35. I really want to...move to Florida to be by my high school BFF.

36. My relationship with my great. I miss them a lot.

37. My most treasured possession is...both of the teddy bears my aunt made. One is made from my Grandma's robe and the other is made from her fur coat.

38. My favorite me at about 2 years old sitting in my Grandma's lap. Her arms are wrapped tightly around me and she's smiling down at me.

39. I sing...all the time though only in front of my kids. Don't know why that is. I used to sing in church choir and did a few solos.

40. If I was a crayon...I'd be coloring the world pink!

41. Someday I want to travel to...Africa (SOON!), Tahiti, Fiji, Greece

42. I am wearing...sweats and a hoodie

43. My favorite class this semester is...Essentials of Health Information Management

44. My favorite language is...English, Spanish, German, French

45. It sit for a long time. I popped a rib out and it threw my back out. It's a slow process back to normal.

46. I'm going to miss...watching the sextuplets grow up on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

47. I need...more hours in my day!

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